what is a site administrator?

A site administrator is a site manager who delegates some administrative tasks. As a site administrator, you are responsible for how a construction project runs daily. You are also responsible for completing every contract's required administrative tasks. You plan, direct and budget for construction projects. While most of your duties are administrative, you need extensive knowledge and experience in construction. Knowing the safety and building codes and maintaining the necessary paperwork is essential for the role.

To become a site administrator, you require strong organisational skills, good people skills and functional computer skills. As a site administrator, you work closely with agencies, contractors and project managers. If you are analytical, this job will suit you, especially if you can manage timelines and deadlines effectively. Site administrators usually report to the site manager or project manager.

Besides working in construction, site administrators supervise site work in mining, energy, technology and manufacturing companies. They ensure the work runs smoothly in offsite production facilities.

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average site administrator salary

According to Payscale, the average salary of a site administrator in India is around ₹365,000 per year. Earnings fluctuate based on experience and educational qualifications. For instance, in an entry-level position, you take home roughly ₹180,000 per year. Experienced site administrators take home over ₹550,000 annually.

what factors affect the salary of a site administrator?

As a site administrator, your earnings depend on various factors. For instance, your work experience influences your earnings. When you are new in the role with minimal experience, you are likely to take home a lower salary than site administrators with over five years of experience.

The industry you work in also influences your earnings. Some site administrators work in technical fields that require additional knowledge. For instance, working as a site administrator in information technology (IT) companies may require knowledge of programming languages. The additional expertise necessary for the role increases your compensation package significantly.

Working on large projects also increases your earnings due to the higher number of resources available, whereas working on smaller projects reduces your earning potential.


types of site administrators

The types of site administrators depend on the industry, including:

  • construction site administrators: as a construction site administrator, you handle administrative tasks on behalf of the client. You create project timelines, plan work schedules and create a budget. Your job is to organise safety documents and prepare the building regulation guidance for the construction crew.
  • project site administrator: as a project site administrator, you work in various companies that handle complex projects. You coordinate projects to ensure teams achieve their desired objectives. In manufacturing, you oversee production processes and prepare the necessary paperwork.

working as a site administrator

Since you mainly perform administrative tasks, you can work from home. However, you meet with the construction crew and visit the worksite to monitor progress. Discover the specific duties, work environments and work schedules of site administrators.


education and skills

To become a site administrator, you require educational qualifications. When you complete your 10+2 and gain 50% aggregate marks, you can pursue the relevant bachelor's degree course. Depending on the industry you want to work in, consider starting with a bachelor in business administration, bachelor of information technology or bachelor of computer applications. Most universities require applicants to take an entrance exam, like the Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET) or the Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test (IPU CET).

site administrator skills and competencies

Some of the skills that you need as a site administrator include:

  • time management skills: as a site administrator, you require exceptional time management skills. The role involves following timelines and meeting deadlines, which rely on excellent time management. It is essential to prioritise tasks and advise others of their priorities.
  • excellent communication skills: you work closely with contractors and project managers and coordinate with several teams. You also write proposals and plans, so you should be able to explain technical details proficiently.
  • problem-solving skills: it is necessary to have problem-solving skills and the ability to make decisions in an emergency. This is because you are responsible for verifying which projects meet your company's standards, regulations and planning strategy.
  • analytical skills: you are responsible for budgeting, planning and regulating construction processes. Analytical skills help you ascertain whether a project meets compliance standards. You also analyse budgets and work schedules to help you determine if a job can be completed on time.
  • attention to detail: as a site administrator, you are responsible for implementing work processes and project plans in the company. You supervise the procedures and processes and pay attention to small details to ensure the workplace operates smoothly.
  • teamwork skills: as a site administrator, you liaise with various stakeholders and collaborate with professionals from different fields. Teamwork gives you the interpersonal skills necessary for the role.

FAQs about working as a site administrator

Here, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the profession of a site administrator.

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