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Surat, a metropolis situated in the economic stronghold of Gujarat, is the administrative capital of the Surat district. Initially a large seaport, it has now become a centre for diamond cutting and polishing and is famously known as ‘The Diamond City of India’. 

According to a study, Surat was the world's fourth fastest growing city in 2016, having registered an annual GDP growth rate of 11.5% in 2001-08. Surat was also awarded ‘Best City’ by The Annual Survey of India's City-Systems (ASICS) in 2013 and was selected as the first smart IT city in India by the Microsoft CityNext Initiative. In 2015 the city was selected for an IBM Smarter Cities Challenge grant and was one of the twenty Indian cities chosen to be developed further under PM Narendra Modi's flagship Smart Cities Mission. 

Dating back to the Mughal Empire, Surat was one of the most important and prosperous port cities which later became the emporium of the country, exporting gold and cloth. Presently the major industries for jobs in the city that contribute to its economy are diamond polishing, textiles, and the upcoming prospects of openings in the field of IT.

Known for its production of textiles, especially silk, it is famously called the Silk City of India. Surat is the biggest centre for man-made fibre in India with its textile industry supporting a vibrant economy. Given its economic growth and a flourishing business landscape, jobs in Surat are well-paying and plentiful. 

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Prospects for jobs in Surat are on the rise as it emerges as a potential IT/TES hub in Gujarat. Vacancies in Surat seem promising across industries and seniority levels. This is clear from general trends in the state – in 2016-17, Gujarat recorded an average CTC of INR 11.20 lac per annum. The job opportunities in this prosperous state offer the same promising career growth. 

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Surat is located in Gujarat and is the eighth largest city in India. It has a GDP of US$58 billion. It is a major diamond cutting and textile industry hub. According to The Economic Times, Surat will be the world’s fastest growing city from the year 2019 to 2035. Surat has recently also emerged as a manufacturing hub, with Toubro, Reliance Petrochemicals, ONGC, Torrent Power and Shell setting up plants there. The major diamond cutting organisations in Surat are Indian Diamond Institute, Maruti Enterprise Diatech, and Paras Diamond Co. Prominent textile companies in Surat are Surat Textile Mills, Annapurna Industries, and S.L Banthia Textile Industries. IT is also slowly gaining a foothold in Surat, with mostly up-and-coming companies like Narola Infotech, Peacock Technologies, and Artoon Solutions. It is also a good location for aspirants interested in the pharmaceutical industry, with companies like Calibar Pharmaceuticals, Globela Pharma, Lifeon Pharmaceuticals, and Skymax Life Sciences. Some food processing companies in Surat are Nutra Vita, Anedya Industries, and Tanna Foods.

Job openings in Surat are aplenty for potential employees with varied skill sets. Allow Randstad, an employment company with 25 years of experience and over 800 experienced placement consultants, find the ideal job vacancy in Surat for you.

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