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Tamil Nadu is one of the developed states in India as 50% of the state is urbanized. The service sector contributes to about 45% of the economic activity emerging from the state which is followed by the manufacturing sector which accounts for about 34% contribution to GDP. The government has been a great contributor in the state’s growth with over 52% of investments, followed by investments by the private sector (29.9%). Interestingly, it is also one of the states that are known for creating an array of jobs in Tamil Nadu, especially in the organized sector in the country. The state has been at the forefront of attracting FDI for more than two decades now, and it drives home certain advantages. For instance, Tamil Nadu was the first state to have introduced single window clearance for investors in 1994 – which led to foreign automobile manufacturers set up plants in the state.

Government Initiatives to Boost Vacancies in Tamil Nadu

In order to attract more FDI and contribute more to the economy, the government has made many policy announcements. These policies have bolstered the industrial climate of the state and removed various bottlenecks for the successful implementation of industrial expansion. These policies aim to –

-       Encourage the establishment of more SMEs

-       Build efficient industrial infrastructure

-       Enable integration of industrial cluster with global supply chain

-       Develop human resources up to global standards

The Tamil Nadu government is also leveraging information technology to create wealth and value in the state through its policies whose main aims are:

-       Establish Tamil Nadu as the hub of IT

-       Develop and enhance IT initiatives

-       Empower people in all the arrears to bridge the divide between urban and rural regions.

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, has been at the forefront of this revolutionary change. In an All India Salary Trends Survey by Randstad, it was revealed that Chennai stood at the 5th place among all the metros in the highest average CTC being paid to professionals from all the fields. It pays an average CTC of INR 13.44 lac per annum against the national average of INR 13.23 lac per annum. It also ranks 3rd when it comes to the highest average salary being paid to middle-level executives. The salary stood at INR 10.36 lac per annum. Chennai also pays an average CTC of INR 23.53 lac per annum to senior professionals against the national average of INR 23.94 lac per annum. Within the manufacturing industry, it leads the pack as it pays its senior Quality Managers an average CTC of INR 22.19 lac per annum, with Delhi/NCR ranking 2nd as it pays INR 21.94 lac per annum to its senior quality managers. To apply for various vacancies in Tamil Nadu, submit your resume to Randstad as we leverage our expertise in finding you the next best opportunity.

This beautiful southern state, bounded by the beautiful Nilgiris, is a major growth engine for the country with a steady growth rate in the last decade. It is strategically located by the Bay of Bengal, Gulf of Mannar and the Indian Ocean, aiding its maritime relations with many countries across the globe. On a global scale, is amongst the top fifty economic centres with a GDP of USD 230 billion (larger than the economies of Denmark, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Norway and many more).

The state is in the top five Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) destinations in the country. In terms of the number of factories housed, it is number one in the country. It has twenty industrial parks spread across the state, established and maintained by the government and 12 more undergoing development. It was 80+ Special Economic Zones and acres of land available for industrial growth.

The capital city, Chennai is home to many Fortune 500 companies including Ford, Delphi, Hyundai, DELL, Nissan, etc. With a large electronic hub, this urban city has impressive public facilities in terms of the power network, telecom bandwidth, infrastructure (such as railways, seaports, and highways) and offers numerous career opportunities across sectors. It is pictured as the category leader for the upper-middle-class segment of states in terms of economic and social prosperity.

With a commitment to foster career growth and development opportunities for aspiring candidates, Randstad acts as a bridge between potential employees and employers. With 25 years of experience in the industry, we understand the hiring trends of Tamil Nadu and bring to you the latest on job vacancy in Tamil Nadu.


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