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overview: Anjali Raghuvanshi, Chief People’s Officer, Randstad India, talks about her inspirations, and pathbreaking initiatives that have created an impact in the organisation, in an interview to Sugandh B


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We did not let any of our employees lose their salary through the pandemic and lockdown. This assured them that we are an organization which takes care. That is why we did not suffer during 2021 as an organization, people stayed with us through the journey we have been through.

Anjali Raghuvanshi
CPO, Randstad India
Anjali CHRO
Anjali CHRO

It has been six years for me in this role. I have a team which has been working with me for quite a time. So, we picked up three main areas: First, we chose wellness as not about signing up with the platforms and agencies.The second area that we focus on is conscious inclusion; the conversation that sheds biases.Lastly, there is equity. Flexibility is one way for us to bring about equity because we understand that everybody has their need.


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