Habits are nothing but patterns of repeated behavior. A series of behaviors followed repeatedly on a daily basis eventually become your habit. A study shows that almost 45% of regular behavior patterns tend to be repeated in the same location every day.  Whether we consciously choose to create them or not, habits contribute to our personality. The habits that we develop over a significant amount of time define our conduct, even at the workplace. By consciously choosing and forming habits that are favorable, you can use them to propel yourself towards professional success. 

Here are five career habits that can turn you into a high achiever in your career.

network tirelessly

A research by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) says that 78% of startups credit their success to networking. It is also estimated that 85% of job searchers find their matches through networking. People who aim to build a successful career allocate time to create and maintain a strong professional network. They work towards sustaining a mutually beneficial network by keeping in touch even when it is not needed. 

communicate effectively

According to a survey, listening and communication are the two most important (35% and 32% respectively) soft skills for a working professional. Communication is not just limited to having a strong command over the language. It means developing a deep understanding of the people that you work with and the ability to drive your point across to them. High performing achievers are often able to do both.

develop a high EQ

Successful people do not let their emotions get the better of them in adverse situations. You might face personal challenges or professional dilemmas while working towards your career goals. But a strong emotional quotient is what keeps you from deviating from your path. More than 90% of ultra-successful people are in the habit of exercising strong control over their emotions. They have the capacity to remain balanced, focused and efficient even during challenging times.

say no to procrastination

Achievers are well aware of what needs to be done and they get it done not just in time, but often, before time. Being productive on most of their days is what sets them apart from others. They eliminate procrastination from their work style to stay productive. This allows them to plan for any contingencies that may arise while building in a buffer.  89% of people waste time during working hours.  This shows the high tendency of being distracted at work -  a major cause of procrastination.

be a thorough organizer

Highly successful people are good organizers. Be it their mind, resources or priorities, they know how to organize them well. They devote a good amount of time and effort in organizing their life in a manner that it accelerates them towards their goals. This habit is crucial  as it also sets the pace for your other habits. You must be a good organizer in order to carry out any other ‘productive’ habits consistently. A study by the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute stated that “multiple stimuli present in the visual field at the same time compete for neural representation”. Simply put, even a disorganized working space can disturb your focus. 

Understand that these habits do not come naturally to all professionally successful people. Forming habits can take anywhere from three weeks to a year, depending on how hard it is. It takes time and undeterred focus to master them - but it can be done.