how to achieve work-life balance in a highly competitive world

Do you feel burnt out with work and find it hard to prioritize your professional and personal life? Work-life balance is often spoken about by working professionals, but is it possible to strike this balance in today’s overtly mobile world, where everyone is working on the move, bringing work back home, and replying to emails in the middle of the night?

Work-life balance is much debated as social collaboration tools have taken center stage. On one hand social collaboration tools help diminish the hassles of extensive meetings, offer flexibility, and allow employees quick access to significant information. While on the other hand the workforce complains about the overlap of their professional and personal lives. Here are a few ways that can help you attain a work-life balance:

utilize early mornings to plan the rest of your day

Start your day early as the quiet early mornings are the best time to plan and organize the rest of your day. This will help you prioritize what’s important and start your work accordingly. Furthermore, mornings are the most productive time when you can get a lot of work done. But if you’re not the morning person, then identify that time of the day when you are most productive and use it to your advantage.

set your targets for the week

Making a list of things to be achieved during the week is a good way to avoid last minute hassles. This will help ensure you are on track with the work that needs to be done and you can avoid working late hours

draw the line between work and personal life

The golden rule is to give your undivided attention to work while at office and to switch off completely when it’s family time. Avoid looking at emails or working after office hours, unless it is something really important that needs your attention.

love what you do

The key to a happy work life is to love what you do. Choose a work profile that you like and enjoy since being passionate about what you do is a mantra that will take you a long way. Ensure you wake up every single day motivated, enthusiastic, and looking forward to your work. This will not only keep you happy, but will also bring you success in your career.

take breaks to reduce stress

Although you may enjoy your work it’s a good idea to take timely breaks as it helps you de-stress. Unwinding or even taking a few minutes away from your computer screen can bring down your stress levels. Use the recreational facility in your office or just take a little stroll to re-energize yourself. Also, avoid eating meals at your desk; instead head to the dining area and spend some time eating with colleagues as it gives you a chance to bond with them. It’s equally important to take a holiday occasionally to avoid burning out. You could also try pursuing a hobby or passion.

take it one day at a time

Every day comes with its own set of challenges. Deal with each day as it comes, as you may not have the same priorities every day. Prioritize based on what is important for that particular day and face the day for what it holds for you.

Ensure your professional and personal life scale isn’t tipping in one direction and try to strike the right balance to maintain a healthy life. With a few simple steps and persistent efforts you will soon be able to achieve a content and happy life.