Randstad’s Workforce360 provides a single platform to HR leaders for collaborating on key HR issues

The key areas of concern for many HR leaders today include the scarcity of good talent followed by the prevalent generation gap between employees. An organisation requires experienced people as well as youngsters with hands-on knowledge of technology and new media. HR is faced with the challenge of bridging this generation gap and getting people of different generations to work together as a team. To address the myriad issues plaguing HR managers today, Randstad has launched Workforce360 to provide participants with tried and tested methods used by successful HR leaders in their organisations.

Comprehensive insights on employee engagement

For the past 55 years, Randstad has been providing tailor-made HR solutions to organisations on a global scale. Since today’s world is all about people management, Randstad, being a pioneer in the field of HR, believes in sharing insights with all employers who need to maintain harmony between employees in their organisations. With the launch of Workforce360, Randstad aims to bring together its knowledge and expertise for providing a complete HR solution to organisations around the world.

Randstad has successfully completed seven Workforce360 events. Each of these events was addressed by over 30 eminent speakers and attended by 1800 HR delegates from across 1300 organisations. The 8th edition of this event was held in Hyderabad and attended by a diverse mix of very experienced HR leaders from various industries right from large MNCs to start-up companies. Using Workforce360, Randstad has gathered valuable inputs and insights from both employers as well as employees for understanding the value of a robust HR function within an organisation.

Impact of HR functions on business and revenue

With challenges such as increasing globalisation, advancement in technology, and tougher competition, organisations need to consistently rethink their strategies to stay ahead. A solid HR function needs to be in place for organisations to cope with ever-changing market conditions.The HR function is evolving at a rapid pace and has become a crucial factor to ensure success of an organisation’s business goals. Keeping this in mind, Randstad’s Workforce360 helps leaders and managers get a detailed overview on areas such as employee engagement, talent attraction, retention, and skill set improvement.

Importance of employer branding

It is very important for a company to stand out of the crowd for attracting and retaining the right set of employees. Employer branding helps organisations differentiate themselves from competition and stay relevant in the market. It provides insights into a company’s work culture, job vacancies, and other employment benefits. Today’s workforce consists of a large number of young people whose priorities and aspirations keep changing very quickly. To attract the right mix of talented people and retain them, organisations need to have an appealing and compelling employer branding campaign in place.

Leveraging technology in HR functions

Technology is used by everyone to get their work done faster and in a more efficient manner. Organisations that don’t keep pace with technological advancements will be left behind in the corporate rat race. Nowadays, technology enables HR to use a host of analytical software and social networking media to get detailed history about a candidate’s behaviour, skills, and image in the society. Using workforce science and analytics, HR executives can now identify employees passionate about their work and make the right placements in the interest of the organisation.

Governance in talent management

The main functions of HR are to manage, govern, and secure talent. For efficient talent management, organisations need to use the horizontal integration method that starts from investing time in recruitment to on-boarding to training to employee engagement and retention. Horizontal talent management coupled with vertical alignment forms the cornerstone of any HR function. For successfully managing the HR function, organisations should have good governance in place. Governance is related to data analytics and return on investment for a specified amount spent on HR activities.

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yashab giri new

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