To attract the best talent in the market, an organization must cultivate an excellent employer brand, built on its values, culture, and vision. In simple words, how a company treats its employees and the work environment make up the employer brand. But, why is employer branding important?

While your organization’s market share and brand value are important to both customers and employees, potential recruits also value the work environment in a company. Your employer brand is what makes your organization desirable to job seekers. 

how to become a talent magnet using your employer brand

There are some simple yet effective ways to leverage your employer brand and hire talented individuals. Read on to find out why employer branding is important and how you can leverage it to attract top talent.

pay attention to online reviews

Even before job seekers apply for a role, they read the online reviews to judge a company’s work culture. Platforms such as Glassdoor offer insights by former employees and other candidates into the company’s policies, work environment, interview processes. As a result, it is important for organizations to pay attention to their online image to understand which areas and processes need improvement. 

retention is equally important

While hiring new talent is important, it is even more crucial to retain existing employees. Ultimately, no company wants to be seen as a bad workplace. If your attrition is high, your employer brand is going to suffer. Employees must feel a sense of security in their job to perform well. Organizations need to focus on retention by focusing on the needs of existing employees.

regular feedback 

Communication is the key to the smooth working of an organization. While employees receive criticism and reviews, they also need to be appreciated for their good work. Taking regular feedback from employees about the work environment and workload can make them feel heard which can generate a sense of pride for the workplace. Remember, word-of-mouth by employees impacts your employer brand extensively and can go a long way in shaping a positive opinion about your organization.

virtual presence is key

A job seeker will look for any information they can find about your company and the element that plays the biggest role is your official website. A well-maintained company website provides the candidate with a window to the workplace they might join. A company website should be authentic and should put across the message and values the company stands for. Also, interactive social media pages that promote your services and respond to questions and reviews can work wonders to create a positive virtual presence for the company. 

employer brand research

Are you still wondering what is employer branding exactly? The most successful companies, such as Google, put in a great deal of effort into building their employer brand. They use tools like employer brand research which gives them an insight into the general public opinion about the company. This knowledge can then help companies improve their inner workings and maintain a healthy and positive employer brand. 

It is evident that employer branding has a big part to play in attracting top talent. It reflects the true image of a brand and employer to the potential candidates and often is a deciding factor for them to accept or reject a job offer. 

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yashab giri new

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