Besides a good compensation package, several other factors influence candidates' decision to accept a job offer and / or stay in a current employment. Employees are motivated by non-monetary benefits such as creative communication channels, flexible working hours, and exciting and innovation oriented projects in companies.

Employees tend to be more committed to their jobs based on what they are doing. It is the responsibility of the senior management to create a work environment where people are assigned tasks not only based on their skills but also on their inclination and interest.

Further, employees are more productive when they feel good about their work. When employees feel relaxed and calm in their professional surroundings, they are more productive and deliver superior results.

Additionally, facilitating work-life balance by allowing employees to work flexible hours or to work from home can further boost productivity. On the whole, ensuring that the organisational work culture is open-minded and facilitates work-life balance is essential.

building your USP

For an organisation to be successful as an employer of choice, both existing and potential employees must find resonance with the company culture. In a competitive marketplace, it is important for organisations to create their USP as a great employer. Doing so will facilitate recruiting candidates from a vast pool of skilled talent.

Employees wish to be part of organisations where they can have shared values, goals, objectives, and a sense of integrity that they can associate and relate with. By creating such an open environment, organisations can be assured of a long and mutually rewarding relationship with their employees. When an organisation's business goals and values are in line with its employees' personal goals and values, everyone stands to benefit.

Strong employer brands resonate with the current generation that continuously seeks opportunities to learn, grow, and innovate. Known to be one of the greatest places to work, Google believes in supporting employee development. The company has launched an internal platform called 'Grow' to help employees find courses and jobs and receive one-on-one advice. This platform facilitates Google employees to manage their own development within the company. 90% of employees at Google say they find their workplace to be fun and cooperative.

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yashab giri new

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