Job market analysis is important to know, especially in an organisation’s recruitment process to help find the most qualified workers for job openings. The job market can either grow or shrink depending on many factors. To learn more about it, read the press articles below.

job market: hiring in finance sector slows down. 

The slowdown in the non-banking and finance companies (NBFCs) sector — following the IL&FS crisis — will see hiring in the financial services sector taper off. The sector has grown at a blistering pace in the last 10 years — two lakh jobs are estimated to have been added in the last two years alone. Indeed, lenders had been building up their teams, recruiting at a rate of annualised 15% through H1 2018. But the addition to the headcount in 2019 could be less than 10%, says Randstad India MD and CEO Paul Dupuis, who points out the sector now faces several challenges. 
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job market today is more progressive.

Career breaks can be tricky to nail. There are two main reasons why professionals take a break in their career. One, a forced job break due to sudden, inevitable situations on the personal front. Two, a planned break either to pursue higher education or parenthood. Whatever the reason, career breaks offer little time for planning the re-entry into professional life. This tends to leave people wanting to come back into corporate life with a sense of low self-esteem and disorientation.

While it is natural to feel overwhelmed by the sea change that has taken place in your industry and in the job market while you were away, you also need to acknowledge that your decision to stay unemployed was legitimate—that your career break was necessary for you to fulfil your personal or familial obligations. It is important that you internalise this truth so that you can sell it with conviction to a prospective employer. After all, opportunities are always about convincing, aren’t they?
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job market: what’s trending in a slowing economy.

The jobs market has been on a roller coaster as a bunch of sectors, including auto and BFSI, have slowed down. However, ecommerce, IT services, tech and BPO are keeping the market buzzing, with pharma and telecom seeing a revival. Here’s a look at the top trends.
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jobs will be created; re-skill or perish will be the key.

Randstad India, one of the largest players in the permanent staffing space in India, is now looking at opportunities in the executive search and skilling space. In an interview with Moneycontrol, Paul Dupuis, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Randstad India, discusses the jobs market and business prospects of the company. 
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exploring the job market.

It’s vital to identify the appropriate labour market for different job positions and assess market trends. To ensure that your business has the capacity to withstand challenges in the coming years, it will be important to future-proof organisation. If you’re looking to assist with the daily execution and operations of an organisation, make sure to view our supervisor jobs.