Talent acquisition is the process employers use for job recruitment and interviews, along with the onboarding and training of new hires. The human resources (HR) department usually performs this function. To learn more about it and some of the challenges you may encounter, read our press articles below.

talent acquisition poses some challenges.

MUMBAI:Attracting the best talent with critical skills, retaining them and enhancing workforce productivity have emerged as the top three human resource challenges that organizations will have to face in 2016 , reveals a survey conducted by Randstad, a leading HR service provider.
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talent sourcing remains a 'challenge' in india

Talent sourcing remains one of the key challenges for employers across the country as 62 per cent of respondents find it difficult to spot the right talent, and this is likely to be a serious impediment to Corporate India in future as well, a survey says.

According to HR services provider Randstad's Workmonitor Survey, 62 per cent of the respondents felt that their employer has trouble in finding the right talent and 61 per cent expect the problem to get worse in future.  Around 90 per cent felt that the economic scenario in the country will improve and 94 per cent expect their employers to financially perform even better in 2016, reflecting the upbeat mood.
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overcome talent acquisition problems

The challenge in talent acquisition has gone beyond getting top talent and has moved to retaining and developing them into good managers or leaders. 

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