A work-from-home setup opens new possibilities with the ways businesses operate. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, this setup has given employers the flexibility to continue their business operations while prioritizing employee wellbeing. Read our press articles below to learn the advantages of working from home and the future that awaits employees.

WFH boosts gender parity in high-skill jobs.

Covid-19 could be the great equalizer for gender diversity in high-order skill jobs. Over the last five months, work from-home (WFH) has gained greater acceptance, with both men and women said to be sharing household chores while also working from residence.
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work from home is here to stay, but some still want the office.

When 1,041 employees who participated in the quantitative survey were asked where they want to work and if work from home (WFH) is here to stay, the largest percentage of employees - 49% - said they prefer a hybrid approach.
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cos’ purpose will draw talent post-covid, not posh offices

A recent McKinsey research revealed some interesting changes in attitude on the role of the office. As many as 80% of those surveyed indicated that they enjoyed working from home (WFH), with 41% asserting it made them more productive. Many organisations felt they could not only slash real-estate costs, but access newer talent pools without the constraints of location.
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workplace 2.0

Being a 'happy' place to work has become important for companies. No wonder then that workplaces today offer much more than good salaries, all in the name of attracting talent and increasing productivity. WHAT IF you got an extended maternity leave that goes beyond the mandatory three months? Leave allows you to be away from work for six months, gives you an additional four months of ‘flexi-working’ hours with full pay, and, if you still need more time, a one-year career break without pay? Also, what if you were told that you could work from home, if required, and avail of a ‘no swipe-in/swipe-out’ attendance system? Corporate HR departments of ‘new-age workplace’ companies are developing various ways—like compulsory yoga sessions every week with a potluck event accompanied by music and dance thrown in; free movie tickets for Friday nights; reimbursement to play your musical instrument in office; boot camps part-sponsored by office; online gifting and delivery options for near and dear ones—to keep their employees in high spirits.

The key here is the large pool of young talent that the country has and also the resultant low job loyalty and large-scale job shifts that companies are experiencing. “Young people love to work in a quirky environment and such innovative HR policies are vital to engage and retain the young working population and foster a fun work culture. This also rejuvenates employees and gives them a reason to go that extra mile at work, leading to high performance,” explains Moorthy K Uppaluri, MD and CEO of Randstad India, an HR consulting firm headquartered in Diemen, Netherlands. 
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working from home is the future.

Companies all across the globe have already transitioned to work from home since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, there are other Indian companies that allow this setup permanently for employees. 

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