Millennials are the majority of the global workforce today and continue to offer their unique talents. However, some of them like to move around or job hop. There are many potential reasons, and you can read our press articles below to learn why.

millennium stars.

Millennials are taking the job market by storm, and companies are readying themselves to receive them.

One of the biggest concerns of the millennial job seeker is work-life integration and flexibility. “Millennials do not differentiate between work and life. For them, it’s not about balancing both, more about integrating them,” says Moorthy K. Uppaluri, CEO and managing director of the HR consultant Randstad India. “They do not mind working on an assignment even while chilling out with friends. Also, the office for them does not have to be all about work. It has to be lively, vibrant, full of fun.”
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learning how to make strategic decisions.

When a workforce is dominated by millennials and GenZ’ers, organizations need to come up with innovative ways to provide learning stimulation to their top performers. With this goal, multinational HR consultancy firm Randstad India decided to roll out its “CEO for a day" programme, with high performers getting the opportunity to be in the company of their CEO, Paul Dupuis, for a day. Given the reception to the programme, Dupuis wants to continue it. 
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why millennials hop jobs.

About 60% of respondents were willing to rejoin their previous organisations.

The secret to millennials' tendency for frequent job shifts may be out. Around 73 percent of millennials strongly feel frequent job shifts have helped them grow in their career, according to a Randstad India survey.
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a shot in the arm for gen y employees in 2015.

The new year holds out a promise of high hiring activity for Gen Y employees. Predictions by manpower organisations, agency surveys and HR consultancies suggest such a positive outlook for this young workforce. However, companies are expected to sift through them and settle on those who meet certain criteria, one of which is a small degree of experience.

According to the Workforce 360 Survey conducted by Randstad India, 2015 will witness a huge employee movement. The Survey, conducted this December, predicts that in the coming year, 59 per cent of Indians in the workforce will consider a job change in the next 12 months. Career advancement is the biggest motivation for employees seeking opportunities outside, it says
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what do millennials want?

Millennials feel valued each time an employer appreciates the unique talents and skills they bring to the organisation. You can schedule up a weekly or monthly meeting to assign tasks and review projects with them to make sure they get the support they need for career growth. 

How can you prepare your people despite uncertainty? There’s no harm in building a future-proof organisation. And if you’re someone who wants to assist with the daily execution of the daily operation, explore new opportunities and view our supervisor jobs.
Lessons In leadership: MD & CEO Of randstad india. | Randstad India

The E5 movement by Paul Dupuis, MD & CEO of Randstad India and former Chairman of HOPE International revolves around leadership and its many facets. Through the five Es — Envision, Express, Excite, Enable and Execute — the author offers the roadmap for outstanding leadership, one that does not just play the game but also changes the way the game is played, thereby creating a new game.
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