As the Indian economy gathers steam, the quality of talent in play, and the ability of organisations to attract the best and the brightest marks the clearest case yet for building an employer brand value over the long term.

 The results of the Randstad employer brand research indicate that employees assign importance, first, to salary, followed by work-life balance, and then, to job security. Digging deeper into employee motivation, beyond money, career progression and long term job security are high on personal priority. 

 From a company or an employer perspective, navigating the vagaries of the market, staying on top of evolving technologies, and enhancing the company's reputation are the major priorities. 

Men and women share the same perspectives with regard to their priorities in choosing an employer. Employees view a growing trend in job automation, in fact, a higher percentage believes that automation would make their job better. They welcome opportunities to gain more skills to advance their careers and stay relevant.

Employees are won over by job content, the roles matter greatly to them. Top sectors that attracted the highest numbers of aspirants last year were information technology (IT) and banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), followed by fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) & retail - the clear winners in a highly competitive and dynamic marketplace. Companies in these sectors continue to reign and attract the highest number of potential employees.

The results of the Randstad employer brand research clearly indicate that employer brand value will determine who wins the battle for positive mind share and the share of talent that helps them compete and succeed in the future.

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yashab giri new
yashab giri new

yeshab giri

chief commercial officer - staffing & RT professionals

yeshab is responsible for leading the development and expansion of randstad India’s value added staffing services which currently encompass field force, engineering and technology roles.