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In a recent report published by the World Bank, India is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.2% and more in the next few years. This growth has been considered to be supplemented by a steady stream of foreign direct investment as well as growing private consumption. Furthermore, with the after-effects of the GST and demonetization, this growth is expected to grow even further. Buoyed by this stupendous growth, along with various government initiatives and reforms, the Indian economy is on its way to becoming an economic powerhouse. The reason behind this is that such reforms will help grow the economy by raising productivity as well as drive private consumption across various cities. Similar efforts can also result in increased employment opportunities.

Till a few years ago, Indian firms experienced a sluggish growth in terms of employment, investments and expansions, and slow GDP. The financial year of 2018 has turned out well for Indian organizations. With various government initiatives and reforms in place, there has been an influx of foreign direct investment, some of which have been given the nod to invest in important sectors through the direct route, making business functioning easier in India. For instance, as per a survey conducted by Randstad Employer Brand Research (REBR) 2018, 79% of the Indian firms are on a hiring spree which reflects the dynamic nature of the employment market. The IT sector, for example, is expected to create an additional 2 lac jobs in the financial year of 2019. Therefore, it is clear that the country will add additional workforce to meet the demands of a changing society, to steer the economy ahead. Various sectors, such as FMCH, Pharma, IT, Digital firms, automotive, banking, manufacturing, services, etc. are always on the lookout for talented professionals. Salary is considered as an important factor in hiring, engaging and retaining the top talent, so it is no wonder that firms pay good compensation to skilled professionals from different fields as there is a high demand for business analyst jobs, IT jobs, marketing and sales jobs, etc. 

Exciting Business Analyst Vacancies Available

As per a recent salary survey trends survey conducted by Randstad, Bengaluru has topped all the cities in terms of paying the highest CTC to its professionals with an average CTC of INR 14.64 lac per annum. This is closely followed by Mumbai which pays an average CTC of INR 14.24 lac per annum. On the other hand, the national average CTC stands at INR 13.23 lac per annum. 

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