Globalization, demographic changes, exponential advancements are all leading to new industry dynamics across the world. The job market in India is also not untouched by these changing dynamics. New job trends such as – higher flexibility at workplace, compensation correlated with skills rather than experience, etc. are being predicted for India, in the coming years. According to the ‘Future of jobs in India’ report published by Ernst & Young in collaboration with Nasscom and FICCI, 9% of the workforce will be deployed in new jobs that do not exist today, 37% will be in jobs that have radically changed skill sets, and 54% will be in jobs that fall under no change. 

These changes in the job market have led to new trends in terms of how companies hire talent. While organizations are doing away with the traditional methods of hiring, even employees need to move along with times and upgrade their job search skills. Here are some of the ways which can help you kick start your job search in the coming year.

keep your online presence updated 

It is crucial to have an online presence, and it is equally important that it stays updated. Merely being present on social media or job search sites will not get you too far. Maintaining an online profile that well depicts your professional experience as well as your skill sets to the recruiters is what will keep you ahead in your job search. Social media has become a far bigger talent search place than it was a few years ago, and this trend is only on the rise. An updated online profile on social media and other networking sites, such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc. can be used as an evidence to show that you are in synch with online networking and other technological trends.

have an online persona

While it is good to be present on all the relevant online platforms to expand your professional network, it is more advantageous for your job search if you set your presence apart by having a unique persona. Use your online profiles to not just tell what you can do, but also what you are interested in. Sharing your area of expertise along with your area of interest can set your candidature apart for recruiters, as they want to know candidates beyond their resume. Sharing information such as your dream company, new technologies that excite you, skills that you are currently learning can help you find a better job match than having random recruiters contact you.  

digitalize your application 

Go a step ahead and present a strong case for your creativity and innovation. Online presentations, video applications, digital portfolio and even a personal website are the rising trends in terms of job search and application. Use digital media to represent you in the best way possible and make the recruiters know of your skills even before they have interacted personally with you. In a world where most companies are looking for ways to go digital, candidates who are already adept with digital media are going to be in high demand. 

don’t leave it all up to your virtual profile 

The power of networking only grows as social media makes the world smaller. Now that you have several means and platforms to reach out to organizations and recruiters directly, you need to amplify networking, even if it is virtually, to start with. Make your social media game strong, but do not rely on it to the extent that it makes your job search passive. Instead of waiting for recruiters to reach out to you, engage with people directly to personalize your communication. This way, you can make the most of social media’s virtual reach. 
Staying on top of current trends and technologies is a necessity, given the current job market and its advancements. It is a good time to explore new opportunities and build your own career graph as technological innovations open new doors for learning, researching and communicating.