You have the skills and capabilities needed to be successful in your role. Be it in your technical and functional skills, or in your behavioral competencies, you have received accolades for your performance. Now you have shifted to remote work. Can you be sure that you will have the same success in your remote role?
Certainly, you will. At the same time, be aware that remote work is new to you. When working from home or from a remote location, there are nuanced differences in the work environment that you need to be aware of. What are the techniques that will help you stay organized and focused while working remote?

Let’s see what they are.

create a work schedule, plan your tasks.

Before you plunge into work, create a work schedule that will help you plan your day better, and demarcate work and home life. Plan the order of your daily tasks to be completed. This will keep you better organized. Factor some time for unexpected work spills too.

limit distractions, set rules for people at home.

As a remote employee, you need to communicate the importance of a distraction-free work environment to those you live with. Let everyone know about your work hours, and that they are sacrosanct — while also telling them when you will be with them. On your part, create clear boundaries between your personal and work tasks. Also, ensure that you are not disturbed by phone or social media notifications (set up a
social media blocker on your laptop and phone browser). If you want to finish personal chores or check personal communication, do so during lunch or after you have logged off work for the day.

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talent acquisition

create a quiet, clean and clutter-free workspace.

Try and set up a desk area rather than working from your sofa, bed or dining table. A small desk and an ergonomically-designed chair will suffice for serious and comfortable working.
Keep your desk clutter-free and clean — this will make you feel relaxed while working. Similarly, keep your stationery and documents organized — both physically and through an efficient digital filing system.

track your deadlines and deliverables with a simple and effective planner.

Manual or digital, working with a good planning system pays huge dividends and takes the load off in meeting your deadlines. With digital planners and apps, you can even set notifications to keep moving ahead.

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effectively prioritize your work.

Plan your tasks for the day with the most important ones at the top of the list. If there is any task that promises to take long, break it into smaller milestones and segments — and finish other work in between the smaller deadlines. This way, you can do be more in control of what you need to complete, and make you work day interesting.
While prioritizing your daily tasks, peg them to your weekly and monthly deadlines, so that all schedules are completed efficiently. Remember to draw up your schedules around your most productive periods, and ensure you actually work during that time.

set aside breaks for yourself.

Breaks help you to get recharged. Based on what works for you, take the breaks at fixed times, or in between tasks. It may be a good idea to move around and go for a walk — but ensure that you stick to the break timings. You can also use break time to stay connected to your work colleagues, just as you would do in the office during coffee breaks. This will make you feel more invested and engaged even while working remotely.
With just a little extra thought and planning, you can make sure that you find a happy balance of being productive and enjoying your remote work.

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