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Our comprehensive portfolio of application and portal services can be customized to cater to specific business requirements, helping your business scale with agility and ease.

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how we deliver application services

We offer customized tech solutions designed to address diverse client requirements – whether it is near-term talent requirements or routine project support and execution.

Managed resource program

ownership: randstad
duration: < 1 year
application project services
Need support with shorter-term data, app or web projects? We'll source and manage the team — and deliver with minimal oversight.
ownership: randstad
duration: > 1 year
application outsourcing
Leave the maintenance, upgrades and testing to us — so your inhouse teams can focus on more valuable work.
ownership: randstad
duration: < 1 year
staff augmentation
We have on-demand contractors with today's most valuable skill sets — development, UI/UX, testing, automation, data science and more.
ownership: randstad
duration: > 1 year
direct hire placement
From development to data and UX, our tech leaders can help you build lasting inhouse expertise.

staffing and direct hire

Good talent is increasingly hard to come by and the competition for experienced technology skills is fierce in the age of Industry 4.0. Our staffing and direct-hire solutions help you find the skillsets and talent you need, on-demand, allowing you to focus on your core business goals. Click here to learn more about our diverse range of technology staffing capabilities.

  • development

    Software developers and engineers are among the most in-demand professionals in any industry today — and you can’t afford to let talent bottlenecks hold you back. Fortunately, Randstad Technologies can help move your business forward.

    Popular job titles we recruit:

    • AEM developers
    • full-stack developers
    • mobile developers
    • pega developers/architects
    • software developers
    • software engineers
  • big data

    Ready to move your business forward? Big data opens up a world of opportunity, but you'll need the right talent — and access to the talent experts at Randstad Technologies — to take advantage of it.

    Popular job titles we recruit:

    • AI architects
    • AI developers
    • big data architects
    • big data developers
    • business intelligence analysts
    • business intelligence architects
    • business intelligence developers
  • cloud/automation

    Enterprise cloud deployments are complex, and few IT professionals have the skills and experience to ensure they meet with success — that's where Randstad Technologies can step in.

    Popular job titles we recruit:

    • automation engineers
    • cloud architects
    • cloud engineers
    • devops architects
    • devops engineers
    • system engineers
  • data management

    Data-based insights can give companies a serious competitive edge — then again, those insights are only as good as the data they're based on.

    Best-in-class data management begins with best-in-class talent, which is why leading companies today turn to Randstad Technologies for help.

    Popular job titles we recruit:

    • database administrators
    • database developers
    • ETL developers
    • report developers
  • application management

    Solving for talent pain points is what we do at Randstad Technologies, so if you’re looking to build best-in-class application management support — fast — our tech talent experts will work with you to identify your goals and find the right talent to deliver on them.

    Popular job titles we recruit:

    • automation test engineering
    • QA testers
    • software developers
    • systems analysts

projects and outsourcing

Randstad Technologies can help deliver when you are short on expertise or time to manage business-critical projects.

  • apps
  • modern web
  • monitoring and maintenance
  • data management
  • PMO services
  • strategy and architecture

managed resource program

We can completely manage your key projects from start to finish, right from streamlining the hiring and onboarding process to ensuring regular talent management and continuity of operations, powering your organization’s growth. 

experience you can trust

  • more than 600 application, web, mobile and data professionals on demand
  • projects from proof of concept to over $10 million in global implementations
  • 12 million downloads of team-developed apps

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