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Business-friendly reforms, steady stream of foreign direct investments, and streamlined GST have contributed towards a thriving Indian economy. The changing times have resulted in an optimistic economic environment and a competitive employment market in India. For forward-looking organizations, the time is suitable to create a robust competitive advantage by retaining and hiring skilled professionals and overhauling salary structure - an important driver for employee satisfaction and productivity.

All organizations look for the best talent available in the market. Employee retention, acquisition, and recruitment strategies are the focal areas for organizations in India. Being a driving force, paying attention to salary trends is a key aspect for these organisations.

With the employment market growing by the day, jobs in Chandigarh adequately reflect the salary trend followed across the country. The national average CTC was recorded at INR 13. 23 lac per annum in FY 2016-17, while offering INR 5.22 lac per annum to junior-level employees, INR 9.94 lac per annum to mid-level employees, and INR 25.94 lac per annum to senior professionals. As a function, Strategy & Consulting is recorded to offer the highest paying jobs in India for mid-level and junior employees, offering a national average CTC of INR 12.97 lac per annum.

Chandigarh houses about 2950 small scale and 15 large-to-medium scale industries, presenting an array of employment opportunities to professionals from all the fields.

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As a Union Territory, Chandigarh is the capital of two states- Punjab and Haryana. This has contributed heavily to Chandigarh’s economy. Chandigarh’s economy relies on the industrial, IT, tourism, fishing, animal husbandry and agricultural sectors for revenue and income. With only 1450 acres being set aside for small scale industries, Chandigarh was never envisioned as an industrial town. Despite this, the 2950 small scale industries produce hardware, sanitary fittings, machine screws, auto cables, paints, thermometers, utensils, door fittings and many more products. The medium and large scale industries are responsible for the production of antibiotics, electric meters, railway equipment, artillery fuses and so on. 40% of the small scale industries in Chandigarh are ancillary units and manufacture parts for a major tractor industry. The Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park is brimming with major players like Infosys, Net Solutions and IBM Daksh which have contributed to the progress in the IT industry.

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