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Manufacturing Jobs in Hyderabad

The manufacturing sector is one of the highest growth sectors in India. The launch of the ‘Make in India’ campaign in 2014 placed the country on the world map as a growing manufacturing hub. As per a recent research report, India is poised to become the fifth largest manufacturing hub by the end of 2020.
The manufacturing sector employs over 30 million people, making it the biggest, organized private employer. This lays the foundation for the manufacturing sector to become the driving force of the Indian economy as it employs a comprehensive workforce under its umbrella. Under the Make in India campaign, the government aims to increase the share of the manufacturing sector to 25% to the gross domestic product (GDP). Coupled with this, other government initiatives are aimed to create 100 million jobs by the end of 2022, and to continue the positive business environment within the sector.
With the help of technological advancements, the manufacturing sector of the country also aims to evolve further to connect all the organizations with the help of data analysis, Research & Development, etc. Indian organizations have always been known for their Research and Analysis, and are some of the most dominant ones in various fields, such as pharmaceuticals, IT, textile with a special focus on robotics, AI, automation, augmented reality, etc.
Various government initiatives only help to create a positive business environment in the country for the manufacturing sector, especially. For instance, in the fiscal budget of 2018-19, the government reduced the income tax to 25% for those firms whose annual turnover is up to USD 38.75 million – giving an extra boost for foreign entities to invest. Additionally, under the Make in India campaign, the government also provided extra incentives to start ups and micro, medium, and small enterprises (MSMEs) by 2% under the Foreign Trade Policy of 2015-2020.
Such policy measures have played a vital role in the increased investments in the Indian manufacturing sectors. For instance, foreign direct investments (FDI) in the manufacturing sector stood at USD 4.09 billion by September 2017. Thus, the manufacturing sector is a growing sector with a thriving competition. These and other policy measures will expectantly encourage investment in the manufacturing sector and promote employment.

Manufacturing and Industrial Jobs in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, is known for being the hub of manufacturing, tourism, and the knowledge sector. The city is strategically placed in southern India making it an attractive foreign investment destination. With manufacturing jobs in Hyderabad offering attractive packages to skilled professionals, Hyderabad, therefore, attracts professionals from all over the country. For instance, in 2016-2017, a senior Civil Engineer earned INR 20 lac per annum while a mid-senior professional earned INR 13.36 lac per annum. A senior professional in R&D fetched an average annual salary of INR 19.70 lac while a senior Quality Manager earned an average of INR 20 lac per annum. For people working in the logistics sector, the position of Supply Chain Manager proved to be the most rewarding, garnering an attractive package average of INR 20.83 lac per annum – highest among the metros.

India is on its way to becoming a global hub of manufacturing. The country is armed with a strong skilled and semi-skilled workforce, and with various government initiatives like ‘Make in India’, attractive FDI, and a huge domestic market, the country is ready for a major industrial push. Various government incentives will only attract many manufacturing jobs in Hyderabad. If you are looking for a job in Hyderabad, contact Randstad which can help you beat your competition in the job search for various industrial jobs in Hyderabad.

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