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Construction Jobs in Mumbai

The construction sector in India provides employment to more than 40 million people in the country. As per the NITI Aayog, the construction sector saw a Gross Value Added (GVA) of US$ 140 billion during the year 2017-18 with a growth rate of 4.3%. It is expected to provide employment to up to 80 million people by the year 2020 and become the largest provider of employment by 2022. The value of the Indian construction industry will amount to US$ 1 trillion by the year 2025. This previously unheard of growth will be driven by both public and private sector projects. In the public sector, there are signature projects such as the ‘Smart Cities Mission’ targeting urban development of five hundred cities, the ‘Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation’ (AMRUT) to develop basic civilian infrastructure facilities like sewerage and development of green spaces, and ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ (SBM) for waste management and sanitation. Development projects for more industrial parks and special economic zones have also been approved. On top of this, the sector continues to attract foreign investment.

In the private sector, the development of large-scale housing projects is on the rise as to reduce India's huge housing shortage, which as per estimates means that approximately thirty million families need homes by 2022. This means job prospects are indeed bright in the construction sector. A vast number of skilled workers will be required to supervise the largely unskilled and unregulated labour force from the rural areas. One factor of note is that skilled workers must be adaptable to emerging technologies as an increasing number of white collar jobs will be technology driven.

Jobs in Construction Companies in Mumbai

Mumbai, which has an acute shortage of land suitable for building, is witnessing a boom in construction in suburban and coastal areas to reduce pressures on the main city. This has led to a great demand for qualified workers for construction jobs in Mumbai. The city is home to some of the largest construction companies in India such as Hiranandani Developers, Lodha Group, and Godrej Properties. With the state government investing big in infrastructure projects such as stormwater drains, bridges, and flyovers, there are plenty of jobs in construction companies in Mumbai.

The city offers attractive compensation to skilled talent in construction. In 2016-17, a senior architect in the city made an average of INR 28.75 lac per annum and a mid-level civil engineer made INR 13.60 lac per annum, both the highest in the country. A junior site engineer earned INR 4.77 lac per annum while a senior engineer made INR 20.00 lac per annum.

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Mumbai is India’s financial capital and also its most populous city. People from all over India come to this city in the hope of making a career in its many flourishing industries. The city is also home to a thriving construction industry that offers numerous construction and property jobs in Mumbai. Mumbai contributes to quite a large chunk in the net worth of the construction sector in India. Hence, career prospects for civil engineers, architects, and people skilled in allied industries are exciting in this city. Construction jobs in Mumbai may be found in Hiranandani Developers, K Raheja Corp, Lodha Group, Godrej Properties, Oberoi Realty and MICL Group - to name a few. Property jobs in Mumbai can be found in companies such as RNA Corporate, TATA Housing Development Company, The Wadhwa Group, and DB House.

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