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Supply Chain Jobs in Mumbai

India is the world’s fastest growing economy. A contributing factor is a flourishing supply chain sector in the country. Previously, the movement of goods and services was hampered due to various reasons such as an inefficient transport system, lack of transport monitoring facilities, lack of good quality all-weather roads, complicated taxes and mechanisms, and a reduced importance of warehousing in the supply chain. Today, several measures have been taken to improve supply chain from point of manufacture to point of delivery, along with all allied services. The ambitious ‘Make in India’ scheme, the introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) to simplify the tax system and encouraging one hundred percent foreign direct investment in areas like port maintenance all aim at making the supply chain sector a vital component of India's economic growth. Therefore, the supply chain sector in India is on the road to improvement.  

For the first time, supply chain firms are raising huge amounts of capital from the market to expand their activities. There are also several small and medium firms which are taking advantage of cheap insurance and new methods of transportation like expanding waterways to innovate how they do business. Supply chain management has also attracted a number of startups with emerging technologies and central government initiatives like ‘Digital India’ to drive their growth.

Find Attractive Logistics Jobs in Mumbai

Mumbai has been an important seaport since colonial times. Today it houses two of the major ports in India – the Jawaharlal Nehru Port and the Mumbai Port. These two ports handle the largest amount of import/export activities and specifically the largest amount of container traffic. Logistics experts are required in Mumbai to conduct smooth operations from the hinterland to the ports. Some of the prominent logistics companies in Mumbai are – Arc Shipping and Logistics Pvt Ltd, Mahindra Logistics, and APT Logistics.

Supply chain jobs in Mumbai fetched attractive compensation for workers in 2016-17. A junior executive in supply chain made INR 4.75 lac per annum, a mid-level executive made INR 10.81 lac per annum while a senior executive made INR 18.53 lac per annum. Clearly, logistics jobs in Mumbai are as attractive a prospect as any.

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