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Textile Jobs

India’s textile sector is one of the oldest industries in the country and after agriculture has employed the most workers, both skilled and unskilled. As of 2017-18, it employs over 45 million people and the number of textile jobs is on the rise with each passing year.

The textile industry in India is extremely diverse. On one side lies the hand spun and woven textile sector, on the other, lays the technology-backed sophisticated mill sector. The decentralized power looms form the largest segment of the sector. What makes the Indian textile industry stand out as unique in comparison to the industries of other countries is India’s ancient culture and tradition in the textile sector. India’s overseas sale of cotton goods to Egypt dates back to medieval times and Indian silk was traded with western countries in large quantities through the Silk Route. During the British era, Indian cotton was exported to European countries to meet their demands.

India’s total textile export summed up to USD 39.2 billion and contributed 2% to the GDP during FY 2017-18. The current market size is estimated to be around USD 150 billion and is expected to attain USD 250 billion by 2019. Having contributed to 15% of India’s export earnings in 2017-18, the sector’s raw cotton production is assumed to have reached 4.9 million bales in the FY18.

With a Foreign Direct Investment worth USD 2.97 billion during April 2000 – June 2018, the textile industry in India has seen a spurt of investment in the past few years. USD 106.58 has been earmarked by the Textile Ministry of India to set up 21 ready-made garment manufacturing units in seven states. For the modernization and development of the textile sector, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has adopted a new Scheme for Capacity Building in Textile Sector (SCBTS) with an input of USD 202.9 million from 2017-18 to 2019-20.

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With the expansion of the industry due to strong domestic consumption and export demands, vacancies in garments are expected to see an upward trend. The industry involves some of the most talented workforces of the country and hence a textile job can prove to be very lucrative. In 2016-17, a senior quality earned an average of INR 22.19 Lac per annum while a junior manager earned INR 5.29 Lac per annum in Bangalore. A junior production manager would earn an average of INR 5.21 Lac per annum in Pune while a mid-level manager had a CTC of INR 13.50 in Chennai.

With such huge investments flowing in, the future of the textile industry looks promising. The basic customs duty has been raised to 20% from 10% on 501 textile products to spearhead indigenous production and the Make in India initiative.

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