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A non-governmental organization or NGO is a non-profit institution that functions independently of the government. It is set up to serve various social or political issues and can be organized at the local, national, or international level. The sector serves very diverse issues, from women’s empowerment to environmental protection but the main goal of all NGOs is public service and the betterment of society.

Despite this aim, in these modern times, an NGO is run like any other business and focuses on efficiency and maximum result. The goal changes from earning a profit to serving a cause but the hierarchy and management structure remain the same. And like any other sector, NGOs have various departments such as finances, human resource management, communications, etc. that require different kinds of skills from its employees. This, of course, is crucial to succeeding in the mission of the organisation.

Generally, all a person needs to qualify for NGO jobsis the desire to serve their community. Anyone can provide help by offering their time and skills but if it is without pay it is called volunteering. A job, on the other hand, requires the aspirant to hold a bachelor’s degree at the very least in any field. Since NGOs are run like businesses, their requirements have changed over time and an aspirant must have a specialised degree in a field related to social work. The most common of these are Masters in Social Work (MSW), Masters in Sociology, and Masters in Rural Development. NGO jobs are also available to professionals such as lawyers and doctors as their skills can be put to good use.

The common misconception of an NGO worker, always up in the arms about something, is slowly melting away. Today a non-profit employee is a polished and well-informed person who is aware of the problems that are present in the world. The most common kinds of NGOs in India are related to issues regarding women, children, farmers, water, and sanitation. Any of these causes can be served by hard-working and kind-hearted individuals.

Find the Best Jobs in Social Services

Jobs in social services are harder to find when compared to traditional jobs but this is changing. With people becoming more aware, there has been an increase in donations to NGOs, both by companies and individuals. Salary trends in the country also paint a favourable picture – in 2016-17, the national average CTC was recorded at INR 13.23 lac per annum.

Randstad’s mission is simple; employment and career growth for all. And it is easy for us to achieve because of our core belief of providing end-to-end support to all applicants. If you are someone who wishes to dedicate their life to a social cause and help your community then submit your resume today and find your dream NGO job.

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